Moraira and its fish market

Morris Fish Market

At the entrance of the ”Club Nautico” of Moraira, where you can found the last fishing boats, there is the fish market.

When you look at the old pictures, you can observe that the fishing activity was much greater than now. At this time, only four families follow the tradition of their ancestors.

The charm of the fishing market of Moraira is that they sell auctioning the fish as in yesteryear: putting an output amount and getting down quickly the price by five to five eurocents, and all that speaking the local language “valenciano”.

For them who don’t speak it, it feels very complicated, but we invite you to visit it and try to buy fish by auctioning every day at 10 a.m. from Monday to Friday. In few minutes from the boat to the sell, the fish enter in the market practically as in live, although we don’t understand the selling system; the fishermen help us to understand it or you can look at the screen where the prices are announced.

Eating the fish from the bay of Moraira isn’t only a pleasure but as well a real privilege.

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